About Us

Seattle Tourist.Com was created to inform and promote all the developments, as well as opportunities, in the city of Seattle.

We are a not for profit organization, who exist to launch Seattle on the world stage and encourage both its commerce, industry and tourism businesses.

It is our aim to promote the economy of the region through our website and other outlets, in order to boost the jobs and prosperity of the city and its surrounding areas.

Our funding sources are from both the construction and hospitality industries, as well as from adverts placed on our sites by our sponsors.

This ensures we can promote the city effectively at a world class level, but does not make us a profit.

We are interested in bringing the business community together and networking for the common good of the whole municipal area.

To date, we have brought over 1,500 individual businesses into a forum, where they can liaise and work on mutually beneficial schemes for the neighborhood.

We encourage civic responsibility from our business and community leaders and so far, we have not been disappointed with the results.

In fact, the levels of commitment we have seen from the business and commercial community has been uplifting and a pleasure to be involved with.

Our website and subsequent publications feature what’s on and listings of everything that is happening in our city, to make sure they are given the prominence they deserve. We are here to inform both the resident of Seattle, as well as the visitor to the city.

We pay special attention to the development, regeneration and construction projects, which are constantly emerging in our city’s skylines.

Because these are the future for Seattle and represent jobs and security for its residents and newcomers, alike.

We hope you find our resource a valuable and useful one for our city!